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Handicrafts, considered as one of the oldest traditions of the world, are made by decorating or carving the wood to create beautiful items.

Every craftsman creates a unique handicraft according to their individual talent. Saharanpur, with it’s glorious and deep civilization among all cities of the world carries the trademark of wooden handicrafts and that’s where “Amyra Designs” comes from.

Established in the year 2019, Amyra Designs is an otherworldly one stop solution for all your bespoke décor needs to enhance and rejuvenate your abode, we aim to deliver a piece of design that is real and rare. We create unique products that will accommodate in any space and complement every corner of your dream home!

We have been associated with Shining Handicrafts established in 1987 – well known government recognised exporters based in Saharanpur , Uttar Pradesh . We are into manufacturing & trading of handicrafts that are exported all over the world . Our self owned manufacturing area spreads upto 8000 sq Mts. What differs us from the rest of the world is our creativity , efficiency and quality of raw material that we use. We are very particular about the deadlines and make sure that there is timely delivery of orders to our clients. Our product quality is something that keeps us way ahead of our competitors.

Our Founder , Mrs. Fatima  believes that “Craftsmanship is in details”

Each of our products masters the art of handmade perfection.We are committed to delivering the highest quality products that uphold our dedication to craftsmanship. After extensive research of trends, colors, looks and textures, we strive to provide our consumers with products which are not only alluring and mesmerizing but also unique. At Amyra Designs, each product blends form and function expressing love for Art and making your everyday beautiful.

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